Why are there different Amplify Rewards card signup bonuses being offered by different websites?

I have just seen on the PH website for applying amplify rewards signature card and the sign up bonus is 200k and there is no annual fee discount mentioned.

On BOM website it mentioned approx half priced first-year annual fee but only 150k sign up bonus. Any idea if the discrepancy is due to a different application panel or merely outdated information.

Thanks heaps

There are often different deals (some exclusive) that different websites offer (separately negotiated with the financial institutions). Hence, usually when you ask the banks about the non-standard offerings, they usually don’t know what you are talking about (especially offshore call centres). However, these deals are perfectly legitimate.

OK. I don’t question the legitimacy of the deal on the website but merely wonder if it is expired though. I acquired most of my knowledge on points from PH. So basically even if I ask any branch staff they would have no clue what the deal on the website is right?

Hi @yinbo258

I think I see your point. On the Amplify Rewards credit cards page, the cards with the 200,000 points offers don’t have the usual “Find out more or apply” link. This indicates to me that the 200,000 points offer is not current.

Can @w.hiew shed some light on this?

Sorry @yinbo258 if I misunderstood your initial question.

Admitedly, I didn’t look up the BOM and Point Hacks page on the card when I made the first reply.

When I checked 5 min ago, the offer on Point Hacks and St George are the same 150k pts and half annual fee. The offer on BOM and BoSA pages are the same. The offer for BOM and BoSA on Point Hacks seems to be showing as “notify me”. This leads me to believe there must have been a delay of Point Hacks updating the offering on their website. I don’t know for sure but I can ask my contact in the PointHacks team if required.

You probably already know this: The 3 cards (or banks) are basically the same card (or bank) with 3 different names and badges. All owned by Westpac.

If there is a descrepancy in public and exclusive offers, I usually click through the application page to see whether they mention the same offer details and attempt to save/screenshot the T&C for future references - helpful for potential disputes.

Hope that is useful.

I’m confused since you mentioned all three (St george, bank of melb, bank of SA) are all owned by westpac.

I cycle cards, and always use 1x st george and 1x westpac each year and get the intro bonus points from both without any problems.

Is there a reason why stG/BoSA/BoM are all counted as a single intro point blockout but westpac is separate?

I’m sure there’s a reason, but you’d have to ask the people at Westpac what it is.

All we need to concern ourselves with is that Westpac chooses, for whatever reason, to have a separate loyalty programme (Altitude) compared with St George/BSA/BOM (Amplify) and to operate them as different ecosystems.

That’s their commercial decision, which happens to be advantageous to point hackers!