Which route or destination offers the best value for couple with 200k Amex MR points?

I was wondering if anyone has some advice on using Amex points?
My husband and I have never used points before, and we have both earned 100k (so 200k total) and we’d like to get the best value out of them. We’ve never flown business or first class before, and was wondering what the best way to spend the points would be? W would be flying out of Melbourne. We’re not too fussed where we go, but we’re after the best value for money when it comes to length of flights and luxury of seating.
Thanks in advance!

200k points should be enough to get a return business class flight for  you and your husband to South East Asia.

For example from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh or Guangzhou business class return is 93,500 miles using Singapore airlines KrisFlyer.

Or Sydney to Hong Kong is 80k return using Asian miles. Just some advice about Asian miles. The miles calculator is not entirely accurate if you are traveling to another airport other than the hub. For example Sydney to Shanghai says 45k using business but once you transfer your points becomes 70k points.

I’ve flown both Cathay and Singapore business class and now only fly Singapore the service and hard product is far superior.

Singapore airlines is your best bet. Remember when looking on the Singapore airlines website the points are 15% cheaper than shown if you book online.

Do some dummy bookings to get a feel of the places in S.E Asia you can go.