Which rewards programs allow sharing of points without penalty?


I am wondering if anyone has any tips on a reward program, (generating points via credit cards) that allows you to share points with a family member, without capping or some other kind of penalty or fee.

What we want to be able to do is share the points the business generates evenly between 2 company directors, to then spend as we wish.

The only program that I can find is Qantas Business Rewards which looks almost perfect, but the downside is it locks you into Qantas FF points. I have been unable to find any other rewards program that offers anything remotely similar.

We currently have Westpac Altitude, and the only way I can find to to share is to book travel for the other or redeem gift cards, that kind of thing. Neither offer especially good value, and booking with Pinpoint is not much fun.


Not a perfect solution here but you could create a new Qantas or Velocity account under one of the director’s name. Credit all point to that account. Both director has access to the FF account login. Use an excel spreadsheet to keep track of who has used what.\r\n\r\nMaybe others would have more insight to a better arrangement.