Which provides better value when redeeming flights for the same route - Virgin Velocity or Qantas Frequent Flyer?

Hi all,

I am quite familiar with the qantas FF program and can easily search for Reward seats via their website.
I was interested to see the comparison of how many qantas points vs velocity points for the same flight route. I have 50k anz reward pts i want to burn. I visited the Virgin site and i get the impression for the same flight you need much more velocity points compared to qantas points.
Does virgin have the concept of ‘reward seats’? i cannot seem to see any.


Virgin Australia indeed have Reward Seats. However, depending on the route that you are after and what days, some seats may be hard to come by because they are popular or they have been released limitedly because of what could be numerous reasons (peak season- better to sell as revenue tickets, all reward seats have been taken, etc.)

Generally, flights to USA and EU are very very popular. Best bet is to book upon them being release (11/12 mths ahead).

Domestic flights are relatively easier to redeem.

50k ANZ rewards converts to 25k Velocity, which could get you to PER and New Zealand if you are based on the East Coast.

Virgin Australia Points Table