Which program should I transfer my Westpac Altitude points for travel to Europe - Krisflyer or Asia Miles?

Hi All

A new home loan through a competing bank means I have to find a home for 500000 Westpac Altitude reward points before I close the card. For me, its mainly J & F class travel to Europe so I am guessing I will move the points to either Krisflyer or Asia Miles.

I’m leaning towards Krisflyer as the redemption opportunities seem better and I can always convert Velocity points if I am a bit short.

I thought I’d ask the clever people here for their thoughts. Realise no one can choose for me but I’ve learnt so much here from other people’s opinions …

Many thanks

one factor you need to consider is where you want to fly in and out of Europe. obviously they both fly to the big airports like Paris, London and Amsterdam but if you want to go one of the lesser knowns.

also if you want a stopover, do you prefer HK or Singapore?