Which of the shortlisted credit card should I choose?

I’m looking for a new credit card that can earn Qantas points…
I’m trying to decide between the below:

  • American Express Qantas Ultimate
  • American Express Qantas Premium
  • Qantas American Express Discovery Card
    Does anyone have a recommendation or suggestions?

The Premium doesn’t have a travel credit to offset its annual fee, so you should make sure that you’d get $249 worth of value from it. $249 is a lot when you consider there’s no annual fee for the Discovery, and the $450 fee for the Ultimate is completely offset by $450 of travel credits.

The Discovery has a very low income requirement - but if your income is over $65,000 and you have a good credit history, that won’t be such a concern.

If you meet the income requirements of the Ultimate then you’ll enjoy higher points earn rate than the Discovery, as well as better/more insurance cover, some lounge access passes and a huge points bonus upon signing up.

Hi Tash2324,

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend any financial products (credit cards) on this website as it is a form of personal financial advice and the website will run into trouble for this.

Please use the info provided on the website to make your own judgement/choices or seek out a personal financial advisor.

Good luck.