Which is a better deal: 5.5% Cashback Reward vs. 2 points per $1?

Hi all

I’m trying to do the math on whether $8 I would receive from cashback rewards is a better deal than the 16 Velocity points I would receive on the eStore. I believe it is, but not really good at calculating point value yet, so wanted to check with the Point Hacks brains trust first!

The points are worth around 2 cents each (when put to max use) and in this case is nowhere near the to cashback in terms of dollar value. But depends on how bad you want these points.

Turns out they stacked anyway. Which is odd as both of them require access through a portal which pings where it was linked from. I received both an email from the eshop and transaction confirmation from cashback rewards for the one transaction.

I suspect it’s because I accessed the site through the velocity Estore in addition to it registering through cashback rewards through the google chrome extension.

Its a no-brainer. Take the money, unless you value each point at more than 50c.

Its 5.5cents vs 2 velocity points. This equates to 2.75cents per Velocity points. Far too expensive, in my opinion. I would take the cashback.