Which high Qantas earning cards would one recommend?

Hey all. Looking for recommendations on who to switch credit card to. Currently on the qantas premier card( the black one $300 annual fee plus another $50 for supplementary card for spouse). A month ago had some fraud on it which they picked up and blocked card. Got my replacement card but have had an issue for over a month now where I can’t change my pin. The online account still shows the old card. Multiple calls and speaking to managers( overseas too) just getting the same answer of “ its still under investigation to be resolved”. Quite annoying them not having any other way to change a pin too. So now I’m shopping around for other cards. I do like the 1 point per $ of the qantas card. Not many other options out there offer that. We don’t spend more than $8k a month on it. I’ve looked at the ANZ black and like the fact that it’s going to give me Apple Pay on my phone etc but by the time I add the additional card holder it’s close to $500 a year. Is there any other cards you guys recommend? Moreso for me is the 1 point per dollar and snagging a few bonus points now too. I am also considering getting my spouse to sign up as the qantas card and me get the supplementary which may hopefully resolve the issue with my current account pin( as I’ll close it down straight away) I find it hard to believe they have taken so long to resolve this issue and feel that my file is corrupt and most likely will never be resolved. They haven’t offered any compensation or anything in the meantime either even threatened to leave and they don’t seem to care

Hi Parkesyau,

From reading your post you’re actually after two things: a high points earn, and good customer service.

In terms of customer service, my “take” is that the “Big Four” banks (Westpac, ANZ, NAB, CBA), having been burned by the Royal Commission, are bending over backwards at the moment to demonstrate that they care for their customers. I’ve long been impressed with American Express as well.

For high points earn, go to www.qantaspoints.com, click through to the long list of points-earning credit cards, and have a look at what’s out there. Point Hacks has done some of the work for you via their list of highest Qantas-points earning cards.

Sorry for not being more specific but for actual financial advice, such as what credit card you should get, you need to consult a qualified financial advisor.



Thanks for that. I am leaning that way too now that I should go back to a big 4 bank. As much as I didn’t mind the qantas card and had no issues, the fact that it’s been a month and they still can’t resolve the issue of my account is pretty poor. I can’t change my pin on my new card because of it and there is no alternative way to do it. It’s funny I would have happily stayed with them if they resolved it within a few days I can handle but paying $300 a year plus $50 for supplementary card holder you do expect more.

i did like the 1 for 1 point Earn.

i think I’ll just have to look at either anz Westpac or nabs offers and see what’s best.