Which has better availability for rewards flights from Melbourne to South Africa - Velocity points or MileagePlus?

Hi. Am I missing something? I am looking to book using Velocity for Melbourne (MEL) - Johannesburg(JNB) (or even Perth-Johannesburg) and nothing is coming up… it shows flight unavailable for that entire month (Apr-17)? I am a platinum member.

Also, putting number of points aside and issue above aside, is availability better via MileagePlus or Velocity? (Was considering whether it’s worth signing up to MP, buying the 100% promo points available now - although now expired - and using those rather than Velocity (although only makes sense if MP offers better availability)…

Hi wsr1,

I was also slightly puzzled by Velocity availabilities when casually checking in the last few months. A number of previous questions were on this issue exactly for Europe/US flights.

United Mileage has quite a few options available for a number of days in Apr. Travelling from MEL would involve 30-40 hrs travel with 1-2 stops.

PER has direct 11hrs available with SAA for a number of days in Apr too.

I think that should answer your question on comparing the 2 programs.

Have a search yourself on United.com. You don’t have to be a member to search for award seats.

Since you are a Plat member, it might pay to give Velocity a ring and ask them what is going on. Tell them you want to travel in Apr and can find nothing to redeem. (There seems to be cash seats available but leave that out in your conversation).

If you get any explanation from them worth sharing, please do enlighten us too with an update.


Don’t forget Velocity offer guaranteed Economy Reward seats for Platinum members. The definition below appears to include codeshare partners such as SAA


Economy Reward Seats Guarantee for an Annual Family Trip
Once a year, be guaranteed to be able to redeem four return Economy Reward Seats to any domestic or international destination when travelling on any Virgin Australia marketed flight beginning with a ‘VA’ flight number.
Reward Seats can be redeemed using Points or Points plus Pay (minimum Points redemption applies).
These Reward Seats must be booked at least six months prior to your journey and are only available for one itinerary per year.
For more information or to make redemption booking, please contact our Membership Contact Centre.
Guaranteed Economy Reward Seats for an Annual Family Trip Terms and Conditions.

Hi, I searched online in March for Brisbane - Joburg airfares with nothing coming up.

i ended up calling and booking through the call centre - though I believe Etihad redemptions changed from June.

easiest to call and talk to someone in my opinion.

Ended up with Bne - Mel - per - Joburg business approx 120k points + taxes

joburg - Abu Dhabi - bris economy 62,500 points + taxes