Which frequent flyer program to use for Thai Airways award flights from Perth to Bangkok?

My wife and I are planning a trip to BKK soon. What is the best points program to use? I have Velocity, Qantas and Altitude Rewards points alternatives to use. Thanks

you can’t use Qantas points on Thai Airways.

you would need to convert Velocity flights to Singapore krisflyer then redeem for a thai flight.

Thanks Mark

Hey I think a more I intricate detail is, considering I do the flight every 2 weeks.

From memory it would cost you 75k miles with Thai per person(return) although thai miles arnt available in your instance.

It will cost you 65k miles per person(return) to fly on Singapore airlines, after you convert you velocity points to Krisflyer miles.

If you really wanted to fly Thai airways you would have to use your Singapore Krisflyer Miles (after velocity conversion) but would cost a staggering 110k miles(return) per person according to the partner award chart.

I have flown all business class products from Perth to BKK, (including Malaysia and Cathay) and Singapore airlines is the best product, best value in this instance, gives you a chance at a free stopover in Singapore as well.

The Thai flight is good but you will be able to get a great experience on Singapore for the best value of your miles. There is different aircaft configurations on all legs so if you pursue this option I can tell you the best aircraft (flight numbers) to choose if the availibity is there for your dates of travel.


Thanks Kyall. It’s nice to have my own conclusions confirmed. I’ll be checking the Seat Guru to see which aircraft SQ use on the dates we are flying. Thanks again.