Which frequent flyer program is best for flight upgrades to Asia and Africa from Perth?

Hey guys!

I want to know which program will give you the best access to upgrading on as many international travel destinations as possible from Perth.

My business earns tonnes of Qantas Frequent Flyer points so that takes care of domestic travel and Qantas operated flights (which mainly head east) ie North & South America. However to get to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa its either all code share or I have to go to Sydney/Melbourne first which will add 5 hours on to the journey.

I currently earn Emirates Skywards on my personal spending and that is good for the Middle East and beyond (mainly Europe) but that leaves me with no options for Asia and Africa.

I am keen to get your feedback. Should I stick with Skywards or either switch to Velocity (which I can then transfer to KrisFlyer) or go with KrisFlyer direct?

Any other ideas would be appreciated too.


Tough question, no responses so far!

Points upgrades with Emirates are only really possible if you have Skywards miles, and they are expensive, but at least are an option.

Velocity points can’t be used for upgrades on partners, and Virgin don’t fly to Africa or Asia directly (yet).

So you are a bit stuck, really. For outright redemptions to Africa I guess Velocity could be OK with Etihad, and with Singapore Airlines & KrisFlyer. But not for upgrades.