Which credit cards reduce hire car excess?

Can you please tell me which credit cards cover hire car excess so that I don’t need to take out a seperate insurance policy.

Way too many to mention here. If a credit card has an annual fee of $100-$200 or more, chances are that it will come with complimentary travel insurance and that that travel insurance will include car hire excess insurance. Do your own due diligence and read the T&Cs to ensure that the cover is right for you.
Two particular areas of caution:

  • Check carefully how the complimentary insurance is activated. Some cards require you to spend a certain amount of money on your trip (say, $500) in order for the insurance to come into effect. Many require you to pay for the travel/flight expenses with your card – in which case you’ll have no insurance if you use points to pay for one or more of your flights. Buyer beware.

  • Check the level of car hire excess coverage. You don’t want to end up relying on a policy that gives you $2000 of excess coverage if the car hire company’s excess is $3000!

Frankly, if you’re doing a lot of travel and driving in rental cars, it might be worth taking out an annual multi-trip policy for peace of mind. They’re not as expensive as you’d think.

Thank you I’ll do my research