Which credit cards earn points for ATO payments?

I assume this question has been asked many times before but I could not find one hence asking again.

Ive been using the Macquarie Black card for the last few years getting 1 point per dollar and spending close to $200k per annum with ATO. It was costing me around $1000 pa in fees but getting 200k in Qantas points was well worth it as I use it for business upgrades. 10 upgrades for $1000 is a bargain.

The Macquarie PDS does state no points for govt spends but they just kept paying so I kept using but its finally caught up with me and Macquarie have not paid points on the two most recent ATO transactions.

So now time for another credit card but I’m finding all the loop holes to be able to pay ATO bills have disappeared.

What cards can any one suggest have been working for them, Qantas or Velocity? Im not concerned with the fees if not too expensive as I fly out of Perth so upgrades are the way to go.

Hey Allan - we look into the ‘which credit cards offer points for payments at the ATO’ question in a LOT of detail at that link. Get a cup of coffee brewing and set aside 10 minutes to read it over :slight_smile:

Thanks Keith - Great website by the way !!

Hey Alan,

Which card did you go with?

I called up Amex last week ,they advised all of their cards can be used to pay the ATO at a redemption rate of 1/2 point per dollar spend

Amex are offering 1 point per dollar spend . Strangely enough its on the basic cards with no annual fee , velocity escape and qantas discovery where has the platinum and business cards are only offering 0.5 points per dollar.