Which credit cards are churn-friendly?

Is there a summary of Churn&Burn friendly card providers out there or could this thread be a basis of such a summary?

The way I see it, C&B friendly providers would have one or more of the following:

  1. Short or no minimum waiting periods between re-application for cards
  2. Quick approval turnaround
  3. Minimal (?no) credit checks
  4. Actually pays the points without having to chase them for it
  5. Generous / frequent sign up offers

So as an example AMEX offers would usually fulfill criteria 2, 4 and 5 (but not 1) - making it C&B friendly

However, Citibank/Virgin Money I’ve heard is painful with frequent rejections, often don’t pay the points unless you keep chasing them for it.

Anyone have any thoughts on providers (or the criteria above)

I’ve only had the one Citibank/Virgin Money which offered 60K bonus points and I’ve never had an issue receiving the bonus points or normal points. I will be cancelling this card shortly after my Citibank/Qantas card is approved (I’ve yet to apply).

According to others at Point Hacks you can reapply for another Citibank/Virgin Money bonus points card offer as long as you’ve canceled any current Citibank/Virgin Money cards you may have open. So I don’t understand why Citibank/Virgin Money would make it difficult to obtain the bonus points card owners are entitled too. If this were the case they might as well not allow people to churn through their bonus points/special promotions credit cards.

In regards to AMEX you need to read the terms and conditions of the credit card and membership. For example my AMEX Velocity Escape card terms and conditions stated that I cannot sign-up to another special promotions AMEX card for 18 months after approval of my initial AMEX Velocity Escape.

So to sum up, read the terms and conditions of the credit card and memberships carefully to see if churning is allowed.

Thanks - appreciate hearing some good news about Citibank / Virgin Money as their points offers are certainly lucrative.

As are AMEX but noting the 18mo waiting period between cards,

Any other gens available now or on the horizon?

Also, are you on bother QFF and VFF? Is this worthwhile? I asdumed I’d never get enough on both and went VFF

I use both VFF and QFF. However, I cycle between the two. I only fly economy. Qantas offers far more international routes than Virgin so that should be taken into consideration if you’re seeking to fly internationally. However, VFF allows you to transfer to other partner programs like KrisFlyer.

The reason why I cycle between the two FF rewards programs is that there are not many high bonus points cards on offer for people who earn under 75K a year.

In regards to AMEX they specify in the terms and conditions you can’t sign-up for another special promotions card for 18 months.

There are always generous bonus points/special promotions cards on offer. However, it all depends on the terms and conditions if one should apply or not.