Which credit card is good for earning points to redeem flights from Australia to Malaysia?

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First time posting on the community, greetings.

I have been utilising points for awhile now. Mainly to convert to JB hifi gift cards (I know, some would cringe). But hear me out, I usually only fly to Malaysia and the enrich program does not have the best conversion or I don’t think it’s worth it in my opinion.

But now, I intend to travel more and I have picked KrisFlyer as my main choice. Mainly because it’s decently reviewed here and Singapore is close to Malaysia.

I currently have an Amex Explorer and ANZ platinum rewards. I’m intending to replace the ANZ with another card that has bonus offers.

In short, I would like to get a new card but would need suggestions to fully make use of bonuses. I initially looked at the Citibank platinum (unfortunately my annual income is just a wee bit less than the requirement for Signature).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Firstly, if your planning to fly to Malaysia direct, you’d want to fly malaysian. However, you don’t need to transfer to Malaysian’s enrich program. You can also use Asia Miles or Qantas points to redeem your flights on Malaysian airlines because they all belong in oneworld. So when you are looking for a new Credit Card, keep in mind that a Qantas card would be best if you want to redeem for travel to malaysia and your AMEX would be handy as well because it also transfers to Asia Miles.

If you are set on Krisflyer, I would suggest looking at Flexible Points cards like Westpac Altitude cards or Citi’s ThankYou cards.

Hi, thanks for your response.
I am (I’m hoping to be wrong) not sure you can use qantas points for Malaysian Airlines for direct flights anyway. It stopover at Singapore, which is why I settled for KrisFlyer.

And would it be more expensive to redeem Malaysian airlines flights using qantas points? As in, points wise.

Thanks again

In theory you can. It’s just that the Qantas website is really finicky with showing direct availability. So when searching for Sydney to KL you could get a stop at Brisbane and then to KL whereas if you just searched Brisbane to KL it wouldn’t show up. I’ve called to check and yes indeed you can just book the direct flight, the website just doesn’t show it.

In any case, it costs 65,000 poitns for business using qantas points so its a 5000 points premium than flying qantas and then jetstar.

To find the direct flight availability, I’d recommend using American Airline, British Airways’ website or just using a service like Expert Flyer to find space.

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Oh, that explains it.

Thank you so much for that, I appreciate it a lot. It has been a great help to me!