Which credit card awards program suits me best if I plan to use points for Business Class upgrades on Etihad/Emirates to Europe?


I’d appreciate some advice on the credit card awards program that might suit me best.

I live in WA and travel back to Europe about once a year, usually with Etihad/Emirates although it has been mostly with Etihad. I’ll travel interstate about once or twice a year and recently joined Velocity. I’m not currently a Quantas FF member.

My goal is to accumulate enough points that every so often I can upgrade to Business Class for one of the legs back home to Europe.

My bank accounts are with Commonwealth but their awards program seem to offer a poor return.

I was considering the latest American Express Explorer Card (I’d easily use the $400 travel credit) or would one the Velocity Cards offer me a superior return for Etihad points? I intend to put most day to day expenses onto the card eg supermarket, fuel, eating out.

Alternatively is a Qantas/Emirates combination better?

I’d appreciate any thoughts.


If you are in Perth , then you can’t use Qantas points to upgrade from Perth to Dubai as Qantas upgrades can only be made on Qantas operated flights so you’re limited.

Thanks Mark. I went with the Amex Explorer in the end and I’ll see how I go.