Which cards are the quickest to transfer signup bonus?

I am hoping to earn Credit Card bonus Qantas FF points within the next 4-6 weeks.

Is there a particular bank (or banks) that facilitates the lump sum transfer the quickest? Or are they usually 8-12 weeks minimum?

American Express is usually very quick and doesn’t wait until the end of the statement period.

In fact, I once received my bonus from AmEx before I’d completed the required spending!


Can confirm Amex we’re good, got the points before my first bill.
For Nab I got it between the first and second bill.

Citi took ages for my flybuys, not sure if they’re the same on Ff miles. Anz were quick with the reward points on the black card

Slightly related but I’m finding at the moment the biggest hold up with quick point churning is actually getting the card. The ones I’ve done in the last few months have been the slowest approval/ mail out I’ve ever seen!

Recent experience with NAB: Had QFF points about 2 days after the 2nd month statement issued where I had met the spend criteria.
Recent experience with Westpac: Terrible. Fought with them for many months after meeting spend criteria to get the points and benefits. Missed out on Velocity flight upgrades for my flights.