Which card should I use for better earn rate for Krisflyer miles? Amex Explorer or Amex Velocity Platinum card?

I have both the AMEX Explorer and AMEX Velocity Platinum cards, and i use them for earning Krisflyer Miles.

After the devaluations and reduced transfer rates, which card is now the best for earning Krisflyer Miles ?

I did some rough calculations and i thought that the AMEX Velocity Plat would be better, but some said that Explorer is better. So i am a bit confused.

Explorer would have a better earn rate for Krisflyer miles. Comes to 1 point per dollar. Whereas Velocity plat after conversion would be ~0.8 KF miles per dollar.

Definitely explorer, has the direct 1ppd earn

Thank you for all the replies. Explorer it shall be then !