Which card should I be using overseas? no forex charge credit card or travel cash card?

I have ANZ travel adventure which is 0% overseas (I’ve checked and it’s almost identical to the googe Forex).

Or I can get the velocity global wallet and earn 2 points per 1AU$.

What do you think?

I think it would be better to use the ANZ card. You’re still earning 0.75 Velocity points per dollar up to $2000. Velocity Global Wallet needs you to load the card and transfer currencies to their own rate. Check their rates to your desired currency against the official VISA rate which is what ANZ uses. What you’ll find is that the Velocity GW is usually 3-5% higher in currency exchange rate than the ANZ one therefore negating the 2 points per dollar you would earn otherwise with it.

TLDR: Use the ANZ

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