Which card should I be adding to my Amex Business Platinum?

Hi All,

Looking for some advice. I have picked up an Amex business platinum in the last couple of months and so far so good. I am tracking at around 80,000 points a month. Ideally I need to have a couple of business return flights to the UK from Brisbane collected which I should have covered.

I am wondering if I should be partnering this with another card? Looking at all the credit cards I can’t see any that offer a rate that is worth bothering with other than the sign up bonus. I could grab the NAB card for the sign up but other than hitting the minimum spend I cannot see why I would spend anything else on it as Amex points seems the most generous.

Also I do send around $50-$80k to the UK monthly. I would love to get the points on that but I use a currency transfer company and they will not take Amex. At that level I cannot justify the cost rewardpay or equivalent would be taking.

I do tend to use Singapore Airlines mostly but I am open to the others.

Any thoughts or ideas appreciated.



Maybe look into Mastercard and Visa options. Some cards include NAB Signature Business Rewards (Qantas or flexible, earn rate is essentially the same), Westpac Altitude Business Platinum. Basically, you’d want to cover all your bases and earn points on as many transactions as possible. These cards come with a $100-200 annual fee which you can consider if its worth it to earn points on.

Amex has its own Forex service… you could look at that. It does earn points

Thanks for the answers. Will look into it.