Which AMEX cards are excluded/exempted from the 18 month waiting period?

Trying to figure out what AMEX Cards you can hold without affecting waiting times for bonus points.

I have a Velocity Platinum AMEX - 18mo waiting period for bonus points

I understand having this card won’t preclude me from getting a David Jones AMEX Card and Bonus Points

Will holding the above 2 cards preclude me from getting the 120,000 bonus point AMEX and MasterCard bundle from Westpac?

As far as I know, only the DJ and Westpac Amex are excluded from the Amex 18 mth rule.

I.e. you should be eligible for sign up bonus regardless of the order of applying the Velocity Amex, DJ Amex and Westpac Amex.


Fantastic - thank you both!