Which airlines can be booked for oneworld RTW classic flight reward itineraries?

Has anyone info about which, airlines that are affiliates of oneworld airlines can be used in a RTW itinerary booked with QFF points as a oneworld Classic Flight Reward?

After a couple of calls to the QFF call centre (which fortunately now seems to operate 24/7) I have the impression that only some affiliates (non budget) can be used, for example Qantaslink but not Jetstar. Also that American Eagle (an AA affiliate) and Cathay Dragon (a Cathay affiliate) are OK.
The full list of oneword affiliate airlines is here:

Also, I am I correct in assuming that, even if there is oneworld airline code sharing, flights on non oneworld airlines can not be used?

It’s a few years since I used points for this type of itinerary and am keen to have accurate up to date info before I invest more time into exploring my options.

That’s a good link, which I have not seen before.

  • Jetstar is definitely not part of oneworld, so any multi trip itinerary with a JQ flight will be counted as a partner itinerary which is more points;
  • Qantaslink/National Jet/etc is definitely in. I am looking at an OW classic itinerary now which includes a flight with National Jet (SYD-ADL);
  • Previously I have looked at itineraries with BA Sun-Air and Cathay Dragon (e.g. Hong Kong to Shanghai). They have counted toward an OW classic itinerary.
Depending on the flights you want to include, run a trial booking on the qantas booking engine to see if your selected airlines count toward a 280,000 point trip.  As soon as the points cost tips over this threshold (assuming you comply with the other conditions of a OW classic reward) then you know you are using an invalid airline.

Regards…    Bevan