Which airline/airport will produce the lowest taxes/surcharge when redeeming Business Class using Qantas points from Melbourne to Europe?

I have been collecting Qantas frequent flyer points and am looking at options for Business class return (or two on-way redemptions/multi city) from Melbourne to Europe, and am looking for advice on which airlines and cities from Melbourne have the lowest amount of taxes and surcharges that need to be paid.

I think I previously searched Melbourne to Barcelona/Madrid on Cathay Pacific, and the return trip had about $400 AUD total taxes/surcharges, is that the lowest available, or are there other airline/city combinations to consider?

Hi DannyY,

You can cross check against the cost break down of the fare in the websites like Google Matrix. You want to avoid fares/redemptions that include YQ (carrier surcharge) if you want to minimise the cash component of a redemption.