Where to transfer credit card points - Krisflyer or Velocity?

I have some points in a couple of credit cards that I am considering to close.

Initially, I wanted to save KF miles, and I have about 40k there, and 250k in Velocity. Currently, we cannot transfer between these two, but maybe we will be able to in the future.

Anyone got any insight where I should dump my points to?


Hi @birenbaum

With so much uncertainty at the moment, the best option by far is to keep your points where they are – as credit card points. This gives you maximum flexibility and ensures that your points won’t be wasted.

If you really, really must cancel the cards now and dump the points somewhere, my vote in the current atmosphere would be KrisFlyer. While it’s almost certain that Velocity will survive and thrive into the future, there’s just that tiny bit of uncertainty at the moment while Virgin remains in Administration.

The major downside of transferring to KrisFlyer is that your points will expire in three years once you’ve transferred them. If you’re willing to live with that, then my vote would be KrisFlyer.

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Thank you!

I think I might not have to close my CCs, apparently when you do BT, you can live them active? Or I got the wrong info?

Balance transfers and card cancellations are separate actions, totally unrelated to each other. Doing a balance transfer does not entail cancelling the card.