Where to transfer Amex points for Emirates flight upgrade?

Hi, I am a complete beginner and am getting confused about where I should transfer my Amex points before April 15 … i currently have 120k qantas points and 110k Amex points .
We are travelling to Europe in September with emirates , and also plan a trip to Canada in 2021, would love to upgrade that one to business . Thanks for your help :pray:

Matt’s fantastic article from earlier today should help.

I would then look into crediting the points from your September trip to Qantas, so you’ll have points in two programmes: Qantas, and whichever other programme you decide to transfer your AmEx points to.

My advice would then be to aim to accumulate enough points to redeem a business class flight to Canada in 2021 outright. You’ve got enough time if you play your cards right.

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You can upgrade with Emirates Skyward miles which is a transfer partner of AMEX but the amount of points required to upgrade is very high and I don’t think its worth it. Alternatively, you could upgrade with a cash bid where you bid to upgrade. Look at this official page on emirates and check if you are eligible for an upgrade.

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