Where to transfer Amex points before cancelling card?

Hi Community,

we have a business amex that is no longer used as this particular part has been sold off. There are around 1 million amex points in there. Which transfer could give us best flexibility in the future and is it possible to transfer to another business amex account?
We have a Singapore, Velocity and Bonvoy account wich we are regularly using.
What would make the most sense in terms of value as we dont want to pay another $1650 for another year on that card.


I’m not sure if this is the done thing, but from recent memory, I believe if you open a personal AMEX card, you could transfer your business points balance onto your personal (or combine them, as they are all under the same name and AMEX account). From your annual fee numbers, I think you have a AMEX business platinum, and if you open a personal platinum, I think most of the things will remain virtually unchanged. I believe you can also swap your points to a lower tier card like the Platinum edge but your points might be converted to the lower tier one without the ability to transfer to Qantas.
All of this is off memory though, I find AMEX staff is generally quite helpful on the phone with these questions. So, overall, my advice would be to try and maintain them in a transferrable form as AMEX points and transfer as neccessary into your desired programs by keeping them going on a personal, lower annual fee AMEX.

If you must transfer to a program though, I’d probably transfer to either Velocity or Qantas simply because they offer the most benefit to Australians. I would avoid Singapore Airlines as it has a hard expiry on points of 3 years and you can’t do anything to extend that whereas Velocity and Qantas points never expire as long as your account had some active activity in the last 18 months. Hotel programs generally offer worse value per point than frequent flyer ones so I’d save that last.

As a bonus (pun intended!), Velocity is sweetening the deal by offering 20% bonus on all transferred AMEX Ascent premium points and 15% on the lower tier Ascent points right now until 25 Oct.

So now might be the time, if you decide you don’t want to keep any Amex cards open anymore.


Thx for the help.
Called Amex and you were right very helpful staff - suggested to open Private Platinum Amex similar costs same perks as the business one and they transferred all points over in 2 minutes to the new card so points safe no dramas with Programm selection yet so all ended perfectly thx again such a good place to get the right answer if u cannot figure it out yourself :disappointed:

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