Where to look for Business Credit Card Reviews?

Forgive me if I have missed it but I’d like to see some more info, and maybe a review, on Business credit cards. The site seems to point me only to a couple of Amex cards and I find Amex hard to use for the majority my local business expenses without incurring significant fees.

Ive been using a ANZ Business One for many years but have never been too impressed with the earn rates. They may be changing but at present are:
QFF .5 points per dollar spent(.5/$)

In short I would need around 6 supplementary cards and looking primarily for points earning on a visa/mastercard.

Without giving financial advice, does anyone have suggestions as to where to look?

Regards, Dane

Hey Dane - thanks for the question. We are increasing our coverage of business cards in the very near future. We recently published an overview of the NAB Rewards Platinum Business Visa, and we have a few more on the way.

Everyone else is welcome to share their personal experiences of business cards, but note we can’t publish personal recommendations as Dane alluded to above.