Where should I transfer my Amex Points?

With the devaluation of AMEX points coming up in mid Apr, I’m keen to do something with my 825K points prior to that. The problem is what!?

I dont have any travel planned but flights to Asia or Europe are always an option so should I get Krisflyer points, AsiaMiles, travel vouchers etc.

Are hotels worthwhile cashing the points for?

What bonuses are there around or do people see coming up?

As you can tell, i’m struggling to work out what to do so any guidance is appreciated.


By a country mile, you’ll get the best value out of your points by converting them to FF points and using those points to redeem business class and/or first class flights.

Both KrisFlyer and Asia Miles are very good options if you’re thinking about flights to Asia or Europe. Just be aware that their points will expire after 3 years, so if you don’t think you’ll use the points within that time, Velocity is a safer bet.

Transfer bonuses may or may not come up before April 15. There’s no harm in waiting another week or two to see what happens!

Transferring your points to one of the flight or hotel transfer partners is the best value by far. Even if you don’t have travel planned, having some points in a FF program is great for last minute travel emergencies like travelling next day for a family member and serve as a back up. Plus, points don’t expire for 3 years in Asia Miles or Krisflyer and they don’t expire forever if you keep any activity within 2 years in Velocity. In addtion, even if you don’t redeem your points for flights, you could still redeem them for cash in the FF program after you’ve transferrred as a last resort.

I don’t find hotel programs to be that great since the transfer rate is less than normal FF program transfers. Plus, unless you plan to stay in super luxurious resorts like the Maldives, you won’t get that great of a value with your points.

Finally, if you really can’t decide, cashing out your points for credit on your statement is better than not doing anything at all.

In terms of transfer bonuses, it doesn’t hurt to wait until a couple days before the devaluation to see if any pops up.

I would recommend Velocity as the transfer program of choice in your case. Even though you missed the transfer bonus, they are one of the easiest to use and earn in Aus. You can use for domestic within Aus or international with Singapore, Etihad and other partners. They also don’t expire. Of coure, if a transfer bonus pops up that suits you, go for IT! You really can’t go wrong here!

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Thanks for your feedback and help.

One more question if i can. Whats the best way to keep abreast of any bonus opportunities. I’m guessing via points hack but is there a better way?

You guessed correctly!

You can also subscribe to the airline’s newsletter or promo emails.

As we’re getting close to the deadline, should I assume that no bonus deals are likely to be coming and transfer now, or hold my nerve a bit longer?

I guess what I’m asking is how long will a transfer take or can i leave it to the last day or so?

Thx again everyone.

As long as you transfer before the devaluation, it’ll be fine even if the transfer arrives after the devaluation. Of course, it would be wise to do this a couple days before hand just to make sure you aren’t hit with major tech issues as people transfer last minute.

Feels like today is the day to transfer. Sadly it seems like there are no bonus options coming…