Where and how to start point hacking as a business owner?

Hi Team! My wife and I are brand new and looking for advice! We want to travel BC to Europe every couple of years and hoped to use the expenses in our Business to help that happen! I ‘think’ we need to get some new credit cards that have bonus points etc? Can you guys share the best way to get this all happening for us? Just to confirm - we will be able to spend failry good sums on the cards as work expenses and are happy to get multiple cards etc if needs be… Its just how it all comes togther and becomes a flight we dont know? Thanks!!!

G’day @glen1
Welcome to the world of point hacking! Would definitely suggest reading a couple of articles on Point Hacks -

Would definitely start with these two, considering your situation, and go from there (there are links in the articles which you can rabbit-hole down at your pleasure).

Overall, your idea is 100% correct - you will be able to utilise your business to get points, so that you can fly to Europe in (hopefully) business or even maybe first class!

If you have more specific questions don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:


You’re a gem… thanks!! Very excited for the rabbit holes!