When will my Amex sign up bonus be credited?

Newbie question:
I signed up for a new Amex Business Rewards Card via the PointsHack offer last month. I’ve been approved and received my card. However I can’t see any reference to the bonus 150,000 points mentioined in the offer.

Where can I find details about this? Do I just wait until I hit the spend target?

Hi @ivanw

If you signed up via the Point Hacks offer of 150,000 bonus points, you’ll get your points. It’s not unusual for credit card companies to not mention the bonus points when the card is approved.

My advice is that yes, you should wait until you reach the spend target. AmEx usually gives the bonus points within a week of that happening.

For future reference: it’s not a bad idea to take a screenshot of any bonus point offers of cards that you apply for. That means that in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you’ll have a record of the exact offer.

All the best!

Thanks @sixtyeight,

My 150,000 points are now showing up in my Amex mobile app, under the Membership section. I’ve also received a $100 “welcome bonus” credit.

Grabbing a screenshot of the deal is a great idea. I’m surprised that the details are not provided with all the paperwork they sent me on sign up.

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