When will bonus Amplify Rewards Qantas points post?

So made the minimum spend 2 months ago - when I didnt get the bonus at the end of the first month, I rang up to query and got told I was listed as eligible, meaning I would get the bonus, but the person on the phone couldnt tell me when. Another month goes by, and 25 points credited - no bonus reward.

Has anyone else been made to wait the full 3 months for Amplify? I find it weird, because Westpac does the points instantly, as do most other banks.

Hi @Raphec

I have an Amplify Signature Visa (issued via Bank of Melbourne) which came with bonus points and then another set of bonus points in the second year. I received the bonus points in year 1, but in year 2 they never came through.

Unfortunately, if the T&Cs say that the points will take 3 months, they won’t look at your case until the 3 months have passed.

If it’s been 3 months and you still haven’t received your points, my recommendation is that you contact the bank via Facebook message: I recall that their telephone support was a bit of a schmozzle (kept being told to call another number, ridiculously long hold times, kept getting cut off while on hold … that sort of thing), but their Social Media team is excellent. Within a couple of days of contacting them via Facebook and explaining the situation, I received my bonus points.

(Even if your card has been issued by a bank other than BoM, it’s the same customer service team).

Let us know how you go!

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