When should I cancel a credit card after receiving the sign up bonus?

Howdy all!

I’ve got my bonus for the ANZ FF Black card - and am using it just to pay rent every month for an additional 1500 points. I’ve noticed there are some other cards that will allow me another sign on bonus; if I cancel my ANZ FF Black Card now will I still be able to keep the sign on bonus I had?

Once the points have appeared in your ff account, then you can cancel the card.

I typically cancel the card the day after the bonus points are in my QFF account, I allow a couple of weeks before applying again. It is a little easier for me as my direct debits are attached to a second credit card which is constant so there isn’t any messing about there. The second card I’m alternating for bonus point cards. There are a few free credit check sites out there so you can make sure regular cards aren’t hitting your credit rating too hard.