When does Amex signup bonus points post?

Hi All,

Just curious to see peoples experiences with the time it takes for Amex MR points to post to the account after minimum spend requirements are met?

With the devaluation occurring in about 2 months, I am trying to work out if it’s worth signing up to the PointHacks exclusive 100,000 bonus (Gateway) points on the Explorer card. Obviously it would be worth it if I could get the 100K points into my account and transfer them to KrisFlyer for 75K miles before April 15! Assume the $3000 minimum spent will be reach 1 week after the card arriving - so lets say by 28th Feb.


The last two times my wife and I have applied for an American Express card (most recently last month), the sign-up bonuses have come through before the minimum spend was met! I don’t think you’ll have any trouble getting your bonus points before April 14.

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Wow, before? As in straight away, or was it when you were close to the min spend?

My wife has applied! :slight_smile:

It wasn’t straight away. I think we’d spent about $1500 when the 100,000 bonus points came through. Another surprise was that the $400 travel credit came through at about the same time – before we’d paid the annual fee.

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My 100K came just after a few days from spending the min amount. Also transferring to Asia miles and Etihad took a couple of days at the most.