When do award seats become available for Qantas Gold members?

I am just looking for some clarity on when Classic Rewards seats and Classic Plus Rewards seats open their availability for Qantas.

I am looking to book business class SYD-HNL-SYD for about a years time and was wondering if you could provide some help/guidance?

Do they both open on the same day? Do they open at midnight each night or at the time the flight is scheduled to depart?

I have read the Qantas opens availability 353 days in advance… is this accurate?

I am Gold Status by the way.

Also, for last European summer I was lucky enough to get economy classic reward seats to Rome with Emirates. I booked the SYD-DXB-FCO with classic rewards and was waiting each day for the return ticket to open availability, however, it never opened so I had to book the return with cash. Hoping to avoid that this time!

Hi @GregInternet

Gold members and above start seeing Qantas (metal) flights 353 days before the flight date (IF available; i.e. it is not a given to find award seats but you guys have first dibs).

On other partner airlines, status doesn’t play a part (i.e you should see the same availability as me (non-status).

Post covid, things have changed a lot. Release patterns for seats include.

As I’ve often advised, best to book whatever flights you can when you find availability as it won’t last.

Release dates are per flights. I.e the 353 days applies to your return date too.

They release 10am AEST - not midnight. Every airline is different.