When can I expect sign up bonus points to be credited from ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card?

Hi everyone, new to the family and loving all the information on here. I’ve signed up for an ANZ Flyer Black card with 120k bonus. To be eligible for the bonus we need to spend 4k in 3 months. Their T&C’s say “Spend a minimum of $4,000 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months of approval to receive bonus”. The T&C’s also say once you meet the criteria it can be up to a 3 month wait to get the points.

My question is if I were to spend 4k in the first month. Is it then up to 3 months from then that I should see the FF points (4 months total). Or is it a 3 month period to spend 4k, plus another 3 months to see the points in the FF account (6 months total)?

Hi hungry4points

It is usually the date when 4K reached + 3 months time. But I had a Westpac card where I spent the min amount in a week and they still made me wait until the 3 statement.

Don’t take my word on this, but ANZ usually credits points in the next statement generated after the min spend is reached.


Thanks so much, hopefully ANZ continue that approach.