What was my experience like when applying for Amex Platinum Charge card?

Hi all,

I thought I’d share my experience getting an Amex Platinum Charge as an existing Amex Gold Charge cardholder. I’ve been a member for 18 years.

Firstly I signed up for the Professionals Platinum Charge - which is the same card but with a $950 annual fee rather than $1200. I’m a member of Professionals Australia.

Signed up online using affiliate form and was approved on the spot.

Card came quickly.

Noticed after about a week my existing membership rewards points disappeared. Rang up and they advised that they were shifting all my existing Ascent points to Ascent Premium at no cost would just take a few days.

Annual fee came through as expected. Paid the $950.

Today checked the payment went through and noticed that AMEX comped me 100K MR points as a welcome bonus. This was completely unexpected.

This process has been excellent and I’m glad I’ve made the jump. Haven’t closed the Gold yet but will shortly and will add Platinum Reserve.

Highly recommend it especially if you see the value. Glad AMEX rewarded my loyalty even if I didn’t expect it.

Hey thedon : well done mate: Did you have to meet a minimum spend to get the 100k welcome bonus points?

Doesn’t look like it. I am still using the gold as well as the Platinum. At the time the bonus points hit, all that had been spent on the platinum was a $68 qantas flight change and the annual fee. It looks like as soon as I paid (not charged actually me paying the fee off) they awarded the points. Gold for the month would have been a little over 2k so I don’t think a min spend was involved.