What Visa / MasterCard options should I consider for Velocity & KrisFlyer?

Hi ,
I can get a professional association card with Amex ascent points but also interested in the Explorer as it has the good signup bonus nad no explorer professional version yet around . Is it just a case of exporting the points to an airline program at the diff rates to pool the flyrt points? Wanting a standalone Amex to maximise Amex rewards opportunities.

Also have looked around but wondering what is the best dual or standalone visa/mc to go with a standalone amex ? My cba visa ports to 0.625velocity/$1 and wondering if that is best way into the Amex world as could then export velocity points to krisflyer and pool with the output from amex rewards into krisflyer ? Is there a better way ?
Thanks for your help!

This website cannot give you specific recommendations .  best to look at the cards on offer and do your own comparison  http://www.pointhacks.com.au/cards/visa-mastercard-rewards/