What type of transactions earn points on Citibank Qantas Frequent Flyer Signature Rewards card?

Hi, I’m looking at the citibank QFF signature rewards card. I note the points earn is between 0.5 and 1 point per $ spent.
I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but…
It lists domestic spend as purchases “made directly at major supermarkets, petrol outlets and national retailers (uncapped)”. Would this include spend on things like airbnb, gift cards and other minor shopping outlets like a local bakery.
I do note the next category as domestic spend on all other eligible transactions but the reason I ask is because I’ve used quite a few FF credit cards and never seen the break down of points earn separated so much (other than a certain Amex card).
Any feedback would be helpful…thanks. I’m looking to take advantage of the 100,000 bonus points and cheap first year fee.

Speaking in a general case across all or most cards I know of, you earn points except for cash advance (withdrawing cash from an atm, depositing betting accts with credit card, etc.) and on (most but not all cards) government spending (e.g. ATO, Auspost). I.e. if you buy a loaf of bread at your corner store, if they accept ccard, you will earn pts.

Obviously I won’t know all T&C for all cards so at the end of the day, best to study the PDS document or ring up Citibank to ask (often some bank agents won’t be terribly helpful/knowledgeable).

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