What toddler-friendly lounges are available in Singapore Changi with Priority Pass / DragonPass?

Hello, I’m wondering if the community here (especially those that travel with children) have any experience with the airport lounges in Singapore…

I recently took advantage of the DragonPass, thanks to a recent post on here. I am a complete newbie to airport lounges, but with a longish layover in Singapore coming up (Brisbane to London) I thought it would be worth checking out.

I’m traveling with my partner plus a 1 and 3 year old, and obviously don’t want to crash a lounge with mostly business travellers. Are there any that have decent family rooms, or are particularly welcoming of children? I think the Dragon Pass gives you a few choices.

Any other things to do to kill time (approx 5 hours) with toddlers in the airport? It’s not our first time doing long-haul with toddlers, but any recommendations are still appreciated!

Hi mjackins,

My 2 cents on this. Other’s may be able to help you with specific lounge advice.

Changi Airport is one of my favourite airports. Optimistically, I wouldn’t mind spending a day there. There is much to see there.

Look up the airport website. This is one of the most kid-friendly airport. There are much to see and explore: Gardens, Children Playgrounds, interactive areas, etc.

There is one playground particularly close to SATS Special Service Lounge (Level 2). I believe you may have access to this lounge on Dragon Pass.

Hope that helps.

Hi mate,

My 2c’s having been through a similar scenario:

a) Have assumed that you are using QF both ends which means you will be mainly around Terminal 1 (EK departs from T1 as well?).  You could easily walk between all 3 terminals airside, just need to plan the timing (http://www.changiairport.com/etc/designs/cag/clientlibs/map/img/landing.png)

b) Plaza Premium lounge access using Priority Pass gives about 2hrs access per person, unofficially you may be able to stretch it to 3+hrs.

c) I have also used the T1 Plaza Premium Lounge, and noted that they did have a small “family/resting” room about the size of a medium office cubicle. Could not enter as it was locked, and staff suggested I pay first before having a squizz. Looks like SGD 180 for 3hrs, from the website:  https://www.plaza-network.com/location_detail?airport=Singapore Changi Airport&city=Singapore

d) What w-hiew has suggested above may be worthwhile, if you are keen to bring the family in tow out to city, which requires clearing and reentering immigrations + waiting for the cabs etc.

e) Long story short, assuming the timing & arrangements are not convenient for all of the above; can I personally suggest using one of the transit hotels? (link below) That way I was able to get my family to sleep for a proper 8hrs (T1 Family SGD 160 + SGD 40 for addtl 2hrs) without the hassle of immigration and luggage, as well as a proper shower, rest & breakfast from a midnight arrival at SIN.

I would personally prefer to arrive at my holiday destination refreshed and healthy, rather than jetlagged with my immune systems worn down :slight_smile: but horses for courses eh?

Hope this helps, have a great trip.

Thank you w-heiw and robert07…that’s some great advice. I did have more of a look around the airport website and it looks like there are some great amenities on offer, including playgrounds. Nothing I ever paid attention to when travelling there pre-kids! We go in and out of T1 (QF and BA), and with 5 hours to kill we won’t go into the city. I also like the transit hotel suggestion. I’ve heard elsewhere that you can pay around $10 to use the hotel pool if you aren’t a guest. I’m not sure the smallish family room would really be useful for us, that’s good info to have about it’s size :slight_smile: I’m still quite anxious to check-out the lounges on offer, but perhaps I can sneak off and leave my partner and kids at the playground while I do!