What to do with my ANZ Reward points?

Hi. I was recommended to your site and so glad I found you. I have already learned that I have been paying ato bills in vain thinking I was earning points!! We have been with ANZ rewards platinum visa and Amex for last couple of years and with the new changes are now thinking of opting out. We are velocity members too. We need advice of what to do with our anz reward points and what to switch to. Thanks for your advice!

Well, in terms of what you could do with your ANZ rewards points (since you are a Velocity member) is you could consider transfering them to your Velocity account. There is a nifty bonus points promotion for the month of May, with 50% bonus points added on when transfering from ANZ rewards. Most of the other participating reward programs are offering a 15% bonus.


See this link below for more information on the promotion http://www.pointhacks.com.au/velocity-transfer-redemption-bonuses/

With regards to ATO payments, check out the following:


Note: We can’t give specific financial advice on this website. We can give you the facts and info to help you reach a decision.

This handy calculator may help you with what to do with your ANZ Reward pts.