What to do with expiring Emirates Skywards miles?

My wife and I accrued 11,500 Emirates Skywards miles each a couple of years ago, but we’re unlikely to earn any more for the foreseeable future. These points are due to expire Jun 30 next year.

As it turns out, we’ll be passing through Dubai again the day before they expire (Qantas awards flight, so no further earn), so I’ll probably be scurrying to the duty free before heading-out to our layover hotel. I’ll then buy 2 bottles of “I don’t care as long as they’re drinkable and over AED255 each” (At 45 miles per Dirham exchange rate).

I was just wondering if there’s any other hacks people might have for these points? There are various voucher options, but it seems Emirates will only mail these to Australia (No airport pick-up) and they charge US$50 to do that.

If my grand scheme comes unstuck, I’ll try to just send them to the “Charity donation” option if possible.

Hi Moles,

This previous question might be helpful.