What to do when Point Hacks St George Credit Card Application errors?

I am trying to sign up the the St George Qantas 90k offer using the Pointhacks affiliate link but I am having difficulties completing the application. I think there is a website glitch because I have tried to complete the application on multiple browsers and computers but the same issue continues to arise. The issue occurs right at the start of the application after I have put in my name and email. The next question asks me what card type I want to apply for (Qantas Signature) but the drop down box does not have any options to select. Can you please advise because I keep getting stuck at this part of the application and it wont let me move forward until i have selected which card I am applying for but it gives me nothing to select.

I’m also receiving this error on multiple laptops, chrome, explorer etc. I was unable to locate an email address I could forward this through to St George to notify them!

Send a request for help to