What to do when NAB agent doesn't know about the PointHacks exclusive credit card offer?

I’ve applied and been approved for the NAB Qantas credit card using the Pointhacks 115,000 points link. I spoke with NAB today and they advised I was approved but they had no knowledge of the 115,000 points deal and advised it is 100,000 points (when you meet the spend criteria). How do I get the extra 15,000 points?

If you (or anyone else) has persistent problems with securing the 115,000 bonus points from NAB, please email us for assistance and we’ll do what we can to help - assist@pointhacks.com.au


I applied directly through the NAB website as I missed the article on here but I just wanted to say I was impressed with how quickly the 100,000 Qantas points arrived. I’ve read on here before about people waiting for months for banks to credit the points however they were in my account after I had spent the required $4000 (just under the 60 days)



I’m going to apply for a new credit card and if I choose the NAB card, I’ll be interested in the response to Ian’s question on how to get the 15,000 extra points.

Hi Ian,

Regardless if whether the person you spoke to knew about the offer, if you applied through the Pointhacks link, you should get the full 115,000 points.

To be sure, though, you should screenshot the offer before it ends. If you don’t receive the points, hopefully they’ll take the screenshot as proof. If they don’t, make a complaint. If they still don’t give you the points, go to the Financial Industry Ombudsman.

It might also be a good idea to call again and if the person you speak to doesn’t know about it, courteously direct them to the Pointhacks website, and the offer, so they can see for themselves and note the offer on your application if appropriate.

Dont fret. You’ll get your points.