What to do when ANZ has given me less than what I expect the sign up bonus to be?

Hi everyone,

I have the ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card and I’ve satisfied the minimum spending requirements to earn the 120,000 sign up bonus.

I enquired with ANZ about when my points would be credited and they said next month after my next statement (all good) however when I went to check my upcoming “rewards points” for the card it has only 100,000 Qantas Points instead of 120,000?

Has anyone else been short-changed by ANZ? I’m going to contact them but I thought I would see if this is common, an admin error or if I have done something wrong?


I suggest you wait until they are credited as somethings may happen between now and then to rectify the error.

So I just got off the phone with them and apparently I signed up to an offer on the 25th of November that was only for 100,000 bonus points and $200 cash back?

This seems incorrect because I signed up for it through the link on points hack that stated 120,000 and then on the ANZ website it stated 120,000 again?

If you could prove you signed up for that offer with a screenshot, then you could get the points back but otherwise, the bank is right on this one.

Hopefully you have screenshot the relevant details including your application reference number.

Send your details to assist@pointhacks.com.au and hopefully a team member will be able to assist in clarifying the offer and chase up your application.

In some cases, the bank agents know nothing about Pointhacks exclusive offers (which sometimes can be more than the offering when applying directly with banks). It doesn’t help that some agents/operators just read from the training manual.