What to do if NAB QFF points are not being transferred?

I signed up for the 115k bonus points in June & have not received a single QFF point since.
First I was told it was they forgot to link my account then last Friday I was advised by NAB the system was broken and they had no idea when points would start to be transferred again… Of course because of this I also missed the 25% off rewards bookings sale.

Is anyone else aware of the issues or when points will flow again.
One thing I know, if I owed the bank I’d have to have an answer

I’m having the same issue too. The points from the bonus were posted (after chasing up multiple times and too many phone calls to count, and they gave the same excuse saying they forgot to link my QF account) but points from monthly spends are still missing.

Rang up again just today and were advised that the NAB system is “broken” as well. No ETA of when this is ‘fixed’ (I don’t really believe it’s broken, really, a big 4 bank using this as an excuse is a disgrace), other than a vague “a few weeks”.

Honestly, I’m glad I don’t bank with NAB for things like personal, business or mortgage accounts if their systems are this fragile.

I know Pointhacks have limited influence over these things, but since I (and I’m sure others here as well) used their affiliate link in good faith, I’m hoping another push at them to please get this sorted out asap.

I got my 115k bonus in the first statement period into my QFF instantly but have been waiting on a couple of thousand points to transfer so I can close the account. It’s been a long wait.

I just missed out on the 115k for my wife, she only got the 90k in the first statement period but nothing transferred to QFF for months. Calls to NAB provide the same info as everyone else.

I need to shut these accounts as it’s hindering me being approved for other bonuses.


I’ve stopped using the card and I’m now planning to close my account as soon as I get my points.

Poor effort NAB

Hi all,

I have had a similar experience with this card.

4 monthly statements showing zero Qantas points earned.

Spent a total of 2 hrs so far on the phone over multiple calls, agents and days.

The early story is that my reward profile has not been setup correctly.

I did receive the 115k point bonus eventually.

From my last call today, agent said reward point system has had some issues with migration. She said that the points should be fixed up in October statement. I have a total of 10k Qantas points missing from credit card earn (incl. 5k compensation). That is the only thing keeping me from cancelling the card.

Very poor form, NAB.

From PointHacks perspective, I understand that they have been having lots of of problems and complaints from the exclusive NAB offer.

If you are still having problems, please provide your details to assist@pointhacks.com

I had this problem and tried for months for resolution.  In the end, I put in an Ombudsman complaint and within 48 hours, it was fixed, PLUS I received the $500 I had requested as compensation for wasting my time in this way.