What to do if I have been approved for the NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card just before the PointHacks exclusive 115,000 Qantas points promotion?

Hi - I’ve been approved for the NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Visa however made the mistake of applying via the NAB website and not the Point Hacks website (meaning 100,000 not 115,000 bonus Qantas points).

I haven’t activated the card, made any purchases etc… Am I too late to cancel the card and apply through the Point Hacks site? The annual fee doesn’t get charged until a transaction occurs so I’m ok on that front, more worried about the 12 month restriction if ‘you’ve held a NAB card before’…

Any help would be appreciated, I have been to NAB and they refuse to match the offer so either I wear it as a lesson learnt or cancel and re-apply. Was hoping someone may have had a similar predicament before?

Considering the amount of hassle and the risk of not having the card approved 2nd time around, I would say you just move on from this. Whilst I value every single point and not for a minute suggesting 15,000 points is no big deal, 100,000 points is still a good deal.