What to do if I accidentally decrease my credit card credit limit?

Hey, so I am new to credit cards and I just got an amex frequent flyer ultimate card. Through my own stupidity I decreased my credit limit to $5000 when I was really just trying to set a monthly spending limit/warning. I contacted them to revert it however I was told this would require a credit limit increase request which is only available after being with amex for 3 months. Just wondering if anyone has experience with this since its going to be annoying to keep under a good credit ratio.

The credit ratio likely only applies to US credit system.

In my opinion, don’t worry about it for AU cards.

As @w.hiew said, it’s not uncommon for many people to request the minimum limit as that leaves you more room for future mortgage applications. Don’t worry as long as you pay on time, you should not see any major impact to your credit score.