What strategy is the best to quickly accumulate enough points for Australia to Europe flights?

Afternoon all,

I’ll be moving from Spain to Australia in the Summer with my girlfriend. My main concern is the cost of returning home regularly to see friends and family and handle personal business (I’m a freelancer so no company will be paying for my flights sadly!).

I will soon be launching a product for sale that will require bulk buys from my supplier. I read in the Four Hour Work Week that if I can negotiate making these payments via a credit card with a good air miles reward policy, I could quickly accumulate a lot of miles.

Can anyone help out and let me know which cards would be available to me as an EU citizen and that would be the best investment in terms of quickly accumulating points to redeem against flights from Australia to Ireland or Spain?

A little complex for a first question I know but I have faith in you pointhackers!

Thanks in advance,

Paul Devlin

There aren’t any cards in Australia for foreigners. You may be able to get a credit card but it would have a low limit as you haven’t established an Australian credit record.

I have friends that are not permanent residences of Australia (and have heard of overseas students) that qualify for Australian credit cards.

One can only try and apply ;). Good luck.

One of the easiest way to accumulate points is through credit card signup bonuses.

Check our awardace.com and see how many points you need for the route you are after.