What payment method should I use to pay university tuition fees ($20000 per year) and earn points?

Hi everyone

I am a international student in university of canberra. i have to pay tuition fees $20000 per year.
Just wanted to know do i get any award point with that?
I have amex explorer credit card which is 2 points $ but my university only allow to pay in post office or aupostpay ,that mean i can only get 0.5 points per $?
Can I link paypal with au postpay to make 2 points / $?
Or should i just buy westfield xmas card which charged $4.95 per card and pay in person in aupost office?

Is that way to pay is really secure? we need to discuss more clearly about payment method. we have some exceptional payment system notice on English tuition in so easily please visit our site for more information.

If postpay is an option that would be the way to go via the paypal connection.  I always look for that symbol on a bill if they won’t take AMEX direct.