What lounges can I access with Qantas American Express Ultimate complimentary lounge access when travelling to Japan?

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Can anyone pls tell me with Qantas American Express Ultimate lounge perks, can you actually
use the lounges (Qantas and American Express) in Japan for return flight back to Melbourne?


The AMEX Qantas Ultimate provides you with 2 AMEX lounge passes for their Melbourne and Sydney AMEX-branded lounges and 2 Qantas club lounge passes for use in Qantas Club lounges worldwide.
So in Melbourne on departure, you will be able to access either the Qantas Business Class Lounge using your Qantas lounge pass or the AMEX Melbourne Lounge with your AMEX Lounge pass. In Japan, I’m assuming you are going to depart from Haneda as Qantas is switching from Narita to Haneda from melbourne later this month. Unfortunately, neither Qantas or AMEX operate a lounge there which means you can’t actually access any of the lounges there.

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Do you know if partner lounge is accessible with the Qantas Club lounge passes?

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In general, no. The Qantas Club lounge passes are only for use on Qantas bookings for Qantas operated lounges. So if you’d been departing from Narita, you would be able to access the Qantas lounge there but since Qantas uses Japan Airlines’ Lounge at Haneda, you can’t use your pass there.